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Hi there,

Is this exhaust to good to be true ?

I have read an advert saying 16bhp more than the competition. What pipe was it up against and what bhp gain did that give.

A Rally technician friend of mine said that fitting this pipe would give upto 28bhp increase on a standard Evo 6..

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Cannot confirm or deny the H and amp;S claims but I recall a debate on the egroups forum about this system being only 2.5 diameter (most aftermarkets are 3 . I'm sure the H and amp;S system will give decent gains but this diameter pipe might be restrictive if you want to go for more serious power later.


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i have an h and amp;s system only standard downpipe

i was just as fast than a car equipped with the powerengineering remapped computer claimed 330 bhp

only in winter i have fuel cuts then i put my makkinen middle section back in no problems anymore then'

H and amp;S configuration i am close to the fuel cut ohh i use also an ralliart panel filter.



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One thing that has to be added here, I don't think a PE remap is a good standard to compare against, as any street bum can map an ECU better.

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I have a Hayward and Scott

Front to back De-cat.

I had a chat with them about the claimed power gains. They were tested independantly
by a tuning place that sells both (no idea who)

I got it because I had one on my Scoob before. The quality is excellent.

The sound is wonderful.

and yes it pulls MUCH harder right to the redline.

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Why dont try Moongose?
We are using this exhaust on our cars we tune and the outcome is good.
However, it is a exhaust with no cat.
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