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Thinking about changing my exhaust

I used to have a scoobysport backbox on my Impreza.

Haywood and Scott (the manufacturer of the scoobysport stuff) are now offering exhausts for the EVO
I emailed them and this was the reply

and amp;gt;As for the Evo 6 exhaust, a Company have just done a back to back with a
and amp;gt;leading Japanese performance exhaust company and our exhaust and we gave
and amp;gt;16BHP extra. The standard size tail pipe is the same as your Subaru, if you
and amp;gt;want something different you will have to let us know. The cost is £100 for
and amp;gt;Cat. pipe, £225 centre pipe and £250 for back box |PLS| del/fitting and VAT.

That works out at:-

675.63 inc VAT

Fitting extra

how does that compare with Magnex/HKS/Blitz ?

Does anybody have one fitted ?

what do you think ?

I have seen their workshop when I had my backbox fitted, its very nicely made gear

mandrel bent, stainless steel etc..



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No direct experience, but a mate with a 22B is happy with his Scoobysport exhaust and I had a quick chat with the guy who runs the Evo group on - seems a satisfied customer.


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I have a hayward and scott back box and midsection pipe the cat replacement pipe we have made ourselfs

i am very happy with it

on circuit days i have flames i think they are 30 to 40 inches

i had their back box also on my subaru so never change a winning team they say
thats way i choose hayward and scott
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