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Has any one got some info on this Hayward and Scott full exhaust system where can
I get some photo's of it and what price are they new.



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I have a full Hayward and Scott exhaust.

They do have a web site, but it doesn't have a picture on it.

I paid £650|PLS|VAT but that included fitting.

I think one of the magazines had a photo.

I can dig it out and scan it.

I am very impressed.
The build quality is excellent.
The sound is excellent (not too loud unless you are accelerating) nice at cruising speeds

They apparantly tested this against one of the HKS exhausts, it gave 16BHP more than the HKS.



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Thanks a lot for your reply I bought the exhaust of
Tracy I will have it on my car some time next week I
cant wait to get it I hope it fits my EVO IV.
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