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Well I've decided to convert my E6 GSR into a hardcore road legal track car. I've already carried out many modifications to make the car more track friendly, but this in return has made it more road unfriendly!
It is now a halfway house between a track car and road car, and it can't be good at both.

I run a no holes barred Pug 309 16V trackcar for most trackdays, and after lapping the Bedford autodrome GT circuit in 2min 52sec at the weekend it has given me inspiration to convert the EVO!

A Pug 306 TD has been purchased for road use, so let the conversion begin.

My plans are as follows;

Remove and sell the complete interior excluding dashboard but including airbags|PLS|ECU and steering wheel (Anyone have any idea how much I should sell it for?)
Fit lightweight Race seats, harnesses, steering wheel and rollcage.
Remove anything not needed, door protection bars, electric windows, etc.
Remove foglights and fit ducts for brake cooling.
Manufacture and fit strut bracing top and bottom.
Cusco LSD front and rear.
Alcon Cerametallic clutch and uprated cover.
Lightwieght flywheel.
Steel Rods, forged pistons, steel head gasket, ARP head bolts, Cams, HKS Turbo, Manufacture Tubular manifold and turbo elbow, Gems ECU.
HKS Fuel rail and amp; injectors.
Remove balancer shaft assy.
Mods to crank. Balance crank, rods, piston, flywheel, clutch assy.
Remove SAS.
Uprated oil cooler.
Manufacture any intercooler and intake piping as required, relocate battery.
Manufacture ramair airbox.

Already have large downpipe, decat and exhaust.

The car already has coilover adjustable suspension running race spec damping and 450lb front and 400lb rear springs, uprated bushes and anti-roll bars, lightweight 18 wheels and uprated brake components including high spec fluid, goodridge and 1155 pads. Will uprated further if needed.
I will uprate spring rates and adjust ride height to suit when project is complete and testing on track with slicks.
Adjust length of drop links to front rollbar when lowering front suspension.

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sounds cool !,
queery the eng balance shaft removal...........lots of people for and against,what made your mind up ??

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My theory was that I want to reduce engine inertia as much as possible, and then get the crank, pistons, rods, clutch and flywheel balanced as an assy. Once I have stripped the engine I will make up my mind for certain!

I'd also like to ask the same question as Lightspeed, what do you think are the disadvantages of the the above?

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good idea clive, were you the man who had the big spin outside the pits? I did the same on the other side of the track outside the pits, into the gravel trap, most embarassing!

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Yep, that was me, I have to much brake bias to the rear brakes at the moment and flat spotted a rear slick, so for the last session I was running slicks on the front and toyo's on the rear! with the front slicks upto temperature the back end was rather loose to say the least!!
I was just pushing harder and harder until I crashed ;) Thats the good thing about palmers you can crash in relative safety!
BTW the cossie looked good.

PS Those damn M5's kept getting in the way :)
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