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This is gonna be long.. probably of interest to any people who haven't done the following simple mods.

First off. Thanks goes to Dragon down in Colchester. Cannot reccomend these guys enough. Alan could not have been friendlier or more helpful and the chap who did my car was happy to talk to me for 2 hours with me standing over the bonnet. From now on, I take my car here whenever it needs something. Realistic prices as well......

Basically I had the following fitted: Full Magnex exhuast with decat and amp; downpipe from turbo, Apexi induction kit, Blitz VTA dump valve and eibach lowering springs. I went out all day yesterday around Wiltshire with about 20 other cars so had a good chance to try everything out.

Firstly, the exhaust has improved throttle response no end. The car feels very derestricted now and makes teh original setup feel like the car had bronchitus or something. The turbo seems to spool up much quicker and the thrust doesn't build so much... it just comes on more instantaneous. The car is definitely quicker as a result especially flooring in 5th at 80mph on eth motorway... picks up quite a lot stronger. You certainly have to be a bit more careful backing off the throttle to avoid the car shuddering (which is a bit of a downside I have to say). One of the best things though is the playability/driveability of the car... its now a joy to heel and amp; toe, blip the throttle on changedown etc.. because of the way the engine revs and the proper noise you get. Its kind of naff and uncomfortable to blip and heel/toe in a car thats well stuffy and sounds like a food mixer with a tea cosy on !

The noise is great.. sounds quite loud from in the car but a good trick is to open the nearside rear window :). The Magnex comes into its own though after 400 rpm when it develops into quite a loud howl with a slight wah wah sound to it... fantastic stuff. It burbles slightly on tickover and pops quite loudly here and there. Of course, its all a lot louder than I think it is.. my fellow travellers yesterday were very impressed with the noise. Blatting it through little viallges yesterday had the sound reverberating off little stone cottages and grocery stores... country folk, children and pets ran for cover ! Also, i get the wastegate flutter noise if I back of f gently from a light throttle opening..... its subtle but definitely audible:

fuuuuut....... fuuuut.....fuuut....fuut...fut..ft

Dump valve... this did take a bit of getting used but now its great. Lovely clean Pssch noise. Sometimes I get the revs dropping to about 200 for a brief moment but to be honest this is only after really stabbing the throttle in 1st (like moving about sharply in a garage) so shouldn't be a problem. Nothing compared to my 340r which I had to heel and toe whenerevr coming to a standing stop and amp; keep blipping it to stop it stalling. Starnge thing about teh dump valve is that it always sounds as if its coming from teh rear of the car ?

Springs... car looks better although I suspect its still settling and not as low as it will be. Hard to comment on the handling........ I think that the ride is a little more compliant especially over a sequence of large bumps, it takes them more settled.

Apexi air filter... We know that the filtration is good. The sucking noise is also very apparent and although its a bit drowned out by teh exhaust.. it makes for a good alternative soundtrack if you close all teh windows. I have yet to duct air from the LHS fog pod to the filter.

Finally, and best of all... I got some flames yesterday :) :) :). and teh exhaust was not even that hot.... my mate behind me saw a ball of flame emerge inside the tailpipe then spit out but only for a brief moment. Well chuffed !



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I found a good way to get flames was to get your air intake pipe to accidentally fall off whilst gunning it round Croft - apparently 10 foot flames came out the back!!!

Probably best avoided :)

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Good one Rich, I got the same special effect courtesy of Mr Magnex exhaust and Mr Blitz filter (apparently the uprated fuel pump helped as well). For added sound effects with the rear window down try gunning it in low gear in the Blackwall tunnel if you can stand the fumes border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Mines a 6 gsr but must say the 7 is getting better looking everyday. Has anyone seen the recent edition of CCC.. teh red over white extreme 7 looks fantastic in it and a great shot of it with a nuclear explosion coming out of its backend ! I think its time for me to take a trip to Dudley and get a few test drives.
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