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As promised here are my findings after having the full Magnex system (d/pipe, de-cat, Backbox) fitted to my E6 TME:

Fit and amp; finish:
This is quite impressive. Everything seems well made and it just bolted straight onto the car without any messing around. As expected though the brace bar that sits under the car had to be bent slightly to clear the extra width of the Downpipe. As first I wasn't too worried about this but after much thought I've decided to order a replacement one from my Mitsu dealer next week and (hopefully) get Evoboy to make my up some washers and bolts so that it can be lowered a bit without resorting to bending. How vital to everything is this brace bar anyway???
Anyway everything seems to be well made although the tail pipe doesn't look anything special. It's neat but unexciting (which is probably just aswell as I havn't told the insurance about it all yet!)
Overall: 8/10

To be perfectly honest I was a little dissapointed initially with the sound. It was a nice tone but just didn't seem to be that loud. However the first time I hit 4000rpm it suddenly all became worth while. This exhaust truly howls as the revs build - frightened me a bit at first!!! I've now covered about 200 miles since having it fitted and it actually sounds a little bit fruitier at tick-over then it first did. Also it's not too intrusive at fast crusing speed. I remember a few years ago having a Janspeed system fitted to a car and that guarenteed a head ache after any reasonable cruising distance and ultimately I regretted having it fitted. I don't think I will suffer the same from this item though thankfully.
Incidently the lad at the McDonalds Drive-Thru tonight said 'it was the best ones he had ever heard' but I think he was thinking is was a Scooby!!! In the 2600 miles / 8 weeks that I have had this car I have yet to see another Evo on the road so I can't think he has heard too many of em either! On reflection though the Scoobys do sound pretty good so I'm taking this as a compliment!
Overall: 8/10

This is a tricky one. There is no question that the engine revs more freely (I actually hit the rev limiter tonight in third gear which is something I havn't done for a while) and overall is a whole smoother experience and during a couple of standing starts on a quiet back road I couldn't believe how quickly I was whipping through the gears - this I like.
What I'm not quite so sure about though is that I seemed to of lose a little bit of urge at the top end of the rev range. I had a couple of oppertunitys to really gun the car tonight and I'm convinced that the 80-100mph dash in both 4th and amp; 5th gears wasn't quite as dramatic as it used to be. The law would say that this is all academic on UK roads but lets be honest, we don't buy these cars to please Mr plod.

As for the traffic lights grand prix, well the car would appear to be as quick as it was before but not really any faster. It's more the charachter of the car that has changed rather then it's outright abilities.

So basically the good points are improved smoothness / rev eagerness, the downside is a slight drop in excitment at the top end.

In all fairness I have only booted it on damp roads since having this fitted so maybe things will improve a little bit when I get the chance on a dry road.
Overall: 7/10

Overall I am happy, no, very happy with this system. The noise was a slight dissapointment at first but soon made a lot of sence. The drop in performance at the top end is a bit dissapointing but is made up for in many ways by a more exciting engine lower down and maybe I'm just a worrier but the bending of the under brace bar concerns me a bit but this can be overcome. The system cost me £555 fitted and ready to go which I consider to be good value for money all things considered. Would I do it again? Yes! Would I recommend it? Yes I think I would.

Overall final score: 8/10


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Good review.

I'm surprised that the car feels worse at higher revs. This is normally where you would get most effect from a lower back pressure exhaust. Might be worth checking out mixture on a Rolling Road.

Previously gains of |PLS| 20hp have been seen with a Magnex system compared to standard. Maybe this was a GSR rather than TME which has a better system.

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Nice review, glad you like the exhaust!

I'd agree with oli goon, when I had the full kit fitted to my E5 the big difference was at higher revs. I did lose a little
bit of torgue at the bottom end, but this I guess was due to the loss of backpressure from removing the cat.

The sound does get much better the more miles you put on the system, it gets more meatier ;)
Do you have an aftermarket filter or induction kit fitted ? if not, this would complement the exhaust swap and lead
to better gains.

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Glad you liked the review gents :)

With regards to the power thing I still havn't had the chance to cane the car on a nice dry road which is what I really need to do. As I said above the car is definetly free'er revving then before - I went for a ride out earlier on tonight and, especially from a standing start, just couldn't believe how quickly I was punching through the gears. Should the sun ever come out again I'll do a 'dry road' update!

Oli, are their any recommendations that you can give for a rolling road? There is a chap near here who has won all sorts of awards for his tuning abilities but he can only handle two wheels drive vehicles. I guess I'm gonna have to travel a bit for this but I don't mind that if it's going to do some good.

Spanpody, funnily enough when I went out today the sound seemed a bit deeper then it did at the weekend. I guess maybe it's because of carbon coasting the insides of the pipes?

At the moment I'm not very happy with my tyres so are planning to change them for something better before Christma but in the new year will start thinking about Induction. Not too sure which way I will go with this at all at the moment though.

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if it is revving faster that means it is faster. so if you are sure that the revs are climbing quicker that before then enjoy :D it is a good mod.

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Yeah I wondered about that aswell Sam. It's not as if the gearing or anything has been changed. It's like going through the gears on a superbike now rather then a car!

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The rolling road would tell you whether there was a problem with the mixture. The trouble is that unless you add some more hardware to your motor you won't be able to do anything about it if its wrong.

Alternatively get a GEMS/Evolink and laptop and you can see everything thats going on anyway. When i have the money and no warranty to consider this is what I will do.

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Oli... yeah I figured that there might not be anything they could do if things ain't right. I think I'd rather be left in the dark to be honest!

Can you possibly tell me more about this GEMS/Evolink thing please? I already have the laptop. Is this expensive stuff and why say about 'when I have no warrenty to consider'?

Incidently the air has been very damp here in the last couple of days and the car has been revving better then ever, however this has brought about another problem. Under hard acceleration I am getting fuel cuts somewhere between 5000-6000rpm. It's only a momentary thing but the garage say (and I don't really understand all the jargon but I'm sure people here will!) it's something to do with the ecu in the car regualting the boost that the turbo makes. In other words they say that because the engine is revving free'er then before the speed that the turbo spools up is higher then before (remember I have the TME which has a different Turbo compared to the standard GSR) and this is, at times, exceeding what the car is programmed to allow. The upshot is that they are able to fit a little box-of-tricks that gets around this problem somehow. It's all above my head but if it wll do the job for £100 then it's worth it.

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Fuel cuts are caused by the ECU detecting higher flowrates than a preset value. It does this because it believes that the reason the air flow has gone high is because of excessive boost (which may damage the engine). Be careful that the box of tricks that the garage are about to sell you does not just change the signal from air flow meter to ecu, otherwise the ecu will believe that there is less air than there actually is, the engine will run lean and may detonate.

Check out the old threads on Fuel Cuts coz its been discussed ad nauseum previously.

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Hi Oli

Thanks for the reply. I actually started a thread on the general Technical forum about this and have now decided NOT to have the thing fitted after all. For the time being I'm going to lower the boost (thanks to HHS) but long term are planning on getting the the ECU remapped by PE.
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