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I was reading an article on the following and am alittle confused.

GSR Evolution was a limited edition which included the following

Cusco Lower strut brace, lowered suspension, quick rack and a few more things which I cannot remember.

Is this true?

As I have an Evo 1 GSR. I have GSR stickers on the bonnet and side doors.
ANd have all the extras that this so called limited edition has.



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I don't think that is true. From what I know, there are two types of Evos, the GSR and the RS. The RS is for people that are intending to build a rally car or a track day car etc. It comes with wind up windows (at least on the Evo I), cheap seats, cheap a/c, steel wheels, only in white etc. The GSR is the luxury edition , the Recaros, climate control, alloys, no front LSD, a few colour options etc.

There may have been a limited editon GSR package though. My Evo 1 GSR also came with the Cusco brace and it has a front LSD. The suspension is not lowered though, but it is not the standard suspension either, it is a really really stiff Bilstein damped setup.The steering rack is quick, but I don't know if it is quicker than other Evos. I would like to know more - can you point me to the article?
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