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I have put the solonoid gromet back in ,and things run fine.
How ever as many have posted before ,when running temp at normal I have now experienced again cut out when turning in a 360 degree and parking. What the Fk is going on ?
Since gromet removal I have not experienced this .
Start the car run it untill temp reaches normal pull up at a shop do a few manouvres and engine cuts.
Fk despite all what has been said with boost problems ,it really ####es me off having the engine stall on normal manouvering.
The gromet now has to go again.
I really thought that the solinoid gromet removal messed my RR day up .and that the power curve wasn,t right.How ever I have a blitz filter,Mongoose exhaust ,grp A valve ,and now experiencing cut out at less than 2000rpm parking .
There is some thing right with the gromet removal ,even just on burst high rev to get the car parked.
Blx ,if the gromet gives high boost and not an even boost , its better than making an arse of my self stalling at a frigging 8/11.
Its out tomorrow.

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You mention grp A valve, is this a vent to atmosphere dump valve? If so, take that off and run with the normal dump valve to see if this helps.
I've run without a dump valve and also with a recirculating dump valve and all is fine. The other weekend, I moved the vacuum feed from the dump valve onto the Secondary Air Valve to try this as a dump valve, dumping boost to the exhaust manifold. Car drove okay, until I pulled up at a set of traffic lights, the idle went all over the place. The engine was close to stall with ECU was fighting it, in the end I just sat there with my foot on the throttle keeping the revs above 1000.
VTA on the Evo seems like a black art. I know somebody who ran a Blitz with no problem and somebody who had no end of woe.
Incidently, Im running a HKS Induction Kit and HKS exhaust. With the recirculating valve I get 'dump noise' when I lift, which is comparable to the noise VTA valves make, without messing with ECU.
Hope this helps.

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I have run the gromet out ,for 8 months ,with no ill effects on the car.
After fitting the VTA valve,I had problems with engine cut when parking and pulling up to lights quickly and shutting off to idle ,engine frequently stalled.
Put my idle up to 1000 rpm ,and helped but ran too fast for my liking.
Since having the gromet removed my idle set at 850 rpm,no stalling ,no problems with rev shut off to a standstill,no problems 1/4 mile sprinting,NO problems at all.
The only reason I put it back in was because the boost wasn't held.
I am having Steve hill motor sport check the turbo actuator and check the boost pressure.if the car isn,t holding boost then that may be a problem in itsself and not the gromet.
The car goes to them wednesday night.
It had been mensioned to me when the VTA valve was fitted that they felt the boost wasn,t as on other E4s.How ever there can't be much wrong as I did a 1/4 mile in 13.5s with the gromet out.
Baffles me to hell all this business,I guess as long as the car runs ok why worry!!.

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I put a dump to atmos on my last 6GRS and I had identical problems. The car had an erratic idle problem and it kept coming to a near stall every time I came to a stop.

I never put one on my Mak (I only did it initially to see how it affected my fueling).

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The low rpm problems are caused by the vta blow off valve.
I had one fitted and it makes exactely the same problems,put back the standard one or buy a
power engineering recirculating one.

I don't know if grommet removal can eliminate idle problems caused by the bov,by the way I feel that the power curve is smoother with the grommet at his place even if it seems to loose a little bit of power.
Also I feel like if the car was running leaner with the grommet removed.


Next thing to fit to have more boost without fuel cuts is the ralliart ecu.

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I still have the Grommet fitted and ran with a dump to atm for the Scottish RR day last Sunday. I had nothing but problems at low idle, it even cut when stationary on the rollers border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > I've since refitted the original dump valve and have had not problems at idle.
The problem didn't hinder my figures on the RR with 334bhp and 292lb/ft but it was a bit embarrasing to say the least, especially amongst a gaggle o' Scooby owners.

When funds permit I'll be treating myself to a recirc'


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Took the gromet back out tonight ,disconnected battery lead for a minute ,then connected again and ran car at idle for 15 mins,as per manual instructions.
My pick up was felt again ,did a few manouvres and some exceleration to 80mph and also with full boost in second gear 7000rpm and stop to idle.Didn,t experience any problems.
I have a feeling that the VTA group A valve works better with higher boost which makes the valve do its job properly.There were more woosshes and whisles from it.
The group A valve is of high spec used also on the rs450 that I have seen pictures of.
It may be that some valves work better with a lower boost pressure and some with a high boost pressure.Too higher boost on some lesser valves and the diaphrams have a job to cope,or recover quickly.
This is as close a theory as I can get ,now running with and with out gromet,and having a VTA valve.I have never experienced pinking due to lean fuel,my engine has never broken down.Good thing as I have never had recovery cover,never failed to start in over 2 years of being outside,and no engine part has had to be replaced ,unless upgraded.
I am back to being happy,sod the rolling rd figure,I will have another go one day with gromet out,and not get a 1st run of 262bhp with 231lbft of torque,no people sat in the boot
and a 2nd run of 290 bhp didn,t do a torque figure with 2 people in the boot.
I guess the gromet works for some and not others.
Fuel cut i have not experienced ,but as I run under 300 bhp this may have something to do with it !!
I have a blitz filter ,decatted exhaust,and a strut brace!!,and apparently I had a flame out at the RR day,which I was chuffed to nuts about,the only one of the day I think?
So my car is pretty much as others as far as after market stuff.
If it goes bang tomorrow, then I will eat my words and buy a pug.


Paul s

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I agree with your thaughts on the VTA dump valves. The HKS blow off valve has both a small and large pistons to prevent these problems. the small for low boost and quick response and the bigger one for high boost, your dump valve only has a large piston so doesnt react as well to low boost. I have a HKS SSQV on my EVO6 GSR and have NO stalling or idle problems whatsoever! If set up correctly the HKS valve does not cause stalling even though it is VTA, it really is the best on the market. I believe that Forge do both recirc. and VTA, which do not cause stalling or Idle probs.
Where is the Gromet? always wondered never got round to asking.

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remove - terminal on battery.
Right hand side of the engine bay near behind the air box or filter.there is a black cylinder,which can be removed by pulling upwards,no need to disconnect any thing from it.
Looking straight down under where the cylinder came from,there is a black solonoid about 60mm long,your arm should reach it ,up to your elbow.
Its attatched to a clamp ,that slides left to right,and you will have to press arelease clip to get it to slide.
The solonoid has 2 10mm rubber tudes coming from it and an electrical connector.
Remove all these ,making sure you code which way back the rubber tubing fits back on[mine has a brass clip on one so fairly easy to remember]
Take the soilonoid some where that is safe as you can loose the gromet when removing it.
In the end of the thicker outlet of the solonoid ,you will see the sleeve of the restrictor.
Take a narrow self tapping screw and wind it into the gromet ,not too far as to damage the solonoid itself.then give it a tug and should pop out on the end of the screw.
Replace pipes etc where they came from.
connect battery lead ,run the car at idle for approx 15 mins ,to reset ecu.
then take for a spin.You should see a difference in pick up.
Note ,if any sign of fuel cuts or serious over boosting ,put the gromet back in the same day.
also bear in mind that your standard bov may not take the xtra boost.
But good VTA will.
The whole opperation should take 2/5 it off to an art now.
I have saved my gromet and taped it to the shelf under my radio housing.
I hope this is a fairly easy explanation.
mail me off line [email protected] if need any further info.


Paul s

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I have heard today that my turbo actuator is fine and my beloved E4 boosts upto 1.1 bar.
What that in psi?
There's fuk all wrong with me motor.
I was told that 290 bhp ain't too bad for an E4 considering that I have relatively nothing done to it.
Mot day as well .
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