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Well I managed to pick up my Greddy Type S BOV after 2 failed attempts earlier in the week. Got the thing hooked up and set it to soft so I could configure it. Went out for a short drive and was getting a lot of compressor surge. Strange, but I went home and softened it even more. Went out again and same thing.

Got very frustrated and checked everything was fine by putting the stock dump valve back on. It was, so I started taking the dump valve apart to check the diaphragm. That was fine, and I noticed in the valve that there are 2 springs. I removed the smaller one and put it back together. Set the adjusting screw to middle tightness and went for a drive. Finally got the BOV making a noise when on boost and no compressor surge.

But having to remove one of the springs got me thinking: is that a decent sign I've got a leak somewhere? I will get a compression/leak check in a week or so but wondered what you guys think. I should also add that today I was running stock boost of about 0.7 bar. Once my tuner comes back from his holidays I will be cranking it back up to 1.5 bar. Maybe at those higher boost levels, the other spring will need to be put back in.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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