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The second Southern meet in 6 months ,went off well again ,thanks everone that made the effert on the day and a sunny one at that.
All that said they would come did ,with a couple of others coming at the final moment after sorting out their time schedules.
Over all we must have had 12 or so Evo's along with Richard and mate with their lotus's looking at buying an Evo,and Simon Ryan in that very RUF porche who won't take it on a track cause he's a scaredy cat .I watched Brian Stubbings run for the bog when he got back from a test drive in it.
A couple of cossies that Mark Shead had upgraded for his customers .
Gary [Evoboy ]came down from the midlands in his E6 .
I couldn't believe Roger who has a Gsr E6 and a rally car E6 ,came in a DINKY TOY.
Personally I reckoned he didn't have an E6or a rally car at all, and that he muscled his way in to the conversations to talk about his matchbox/ hotwheels collections and how second hand values of scale models have shot up over the years.Hahaha!
NO scoobs, apart from one woos that took off from the car park after cruising around us,Drooling on light throttle.
But hey! A great day .
Thanks again guys for coming along ,another one could get organised after all the near future events ,but then we have HOLIDAY season starting.
Ahh !! well test it out later.

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Yeah... thanks to all for EVO advice and thanx to Michael for a quick blast to check his Proflex suspension out.

Hopefully next meet I'll bring my own 6 along....



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Hiya Shorty. Dinky Toy Roger reporting in to thanx you for inviting us, and Co driver Nick, down for good pub lunch the other weekend. Nice to meet other Turbo Nutters. Look forward to meeting at the castle next weekend, If your comming down, How did Cadwell Go?
All the best, Splodge
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