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Grannies with speed cameras

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Apologies if this has been posted before.....

In my village newsletter, saw a mention of a 'community speedwatch program' coming into force. so i did a bit of research and found this...

Clicksie pay particular attention to step 5. For 'working group' read 'busybody old duffers'

So where will this end?? of course i dont condone speeding through villages, and neither do i do it, but whats going to stop them expanding this so that Arthur and Mavis, with nothing better to do all day, decide to take a trip to the local 'good stretch of b-road' and setting up with their picnic table, notebook and speed camera?

What with the plastic 'CSO' pigs, traffic wardens being given more power and now this.... big brother really will be on EVERY street corner :blah:

Worrying times.
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scratch339 said:
So where will this end??
It'll end when the villagers themselves get clocked. People with these small-village mentalities always seem to think that they have rights that "outlanders" don't.
Ben_Scammell said:
Great another stupid idea to solve a "symptom" rather than looking at the actual problem.
I hope you're not suggesting that Labour's crime prevention policies are just stupid and not fighting the real cause.

*dons baseball cap and does up hoody*
Or seeing as how old folk are always moaning about pensions and heating why not pile half the OAPs into furnaces to heat the homes of the remaining ones? Not only would it solve the heating and pension issue, it would free up homes for first-time buyers. Not to mention ridding the roads of those 40 mpg in an NSL idiots.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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