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Goodwood Mini Meet Sat 19/3/05

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Hi, it was great to meet up with the local lads at goodwood today. Shame we couldn't blag some track time, mind you Dave would have probably been told off for speeding!!!!! We will have to try to get a few more of us there next time, just to p*ss off the porker drivers!!! Here's a few pics i took.
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MM sum1 has had ur plate m8... typical! ;) :D
I've been driving it round like that for a week now and I've only had one pull - not bad eh?
I'm having problems with hosting my snaps, so I've just put them

I enjoyed watching the Skoda Fabia vRS on the track. The Porsche that was getting spanked by the Vauxhall appeared to be having a bit of trouble getting away from this Skoda, and the Skoda might just as well have been electric for all the noise it was making. Not bad for an oil burner!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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