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Goodwood Mini Meet Sat 19/3/05

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Hi, it was great to meet up with the local lads at goodwood today. Shame we couldn't blag some track time, mind you Dave would have probably been told off for speeding!!!!! We will have to try to get a few more of us there next time, just to p*ss off the porker drivers!!! Here's a few pics i took.
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Just so sweet..................... :samsmilie :beerchug: :coolsm:

Good pics thanxs Hobsy on a good day
Wot really rocked on the track was a vxr 220 turbo it was running 275bhp & 325lb it was 9 secs per lap quicker than a well driven porche GT3 RS one of the new ones nothing else really touched that

:cry: about not being able to get any track myself
With wot he'd done to that VXR it was a guided missle with a saturn 5 booster rocket attached for good measure :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm certain the porker was, the VXR was called off the track just as he was catching the porche, for noise apparently......he said to my mate he was giving it full chat this time though, he was doing 1.24/5's

miffed one porker off we were in the car park & he was revving it & he turned to his mate & went sounds just like a race car (his GT3 5 meters away) !!!!! Mine was still hot so turned it over let it warm a min then gave it a bit of wot for (bit of flame, popping, cracking etc) my mate went now that really does sound like a race car last time we sore his car :samsmilie

My mate simon with the blue RX is now a member of goodwood race club just gone through so hopefully we will be able to organise a track day or 2 through/with him, he's finding out wot the score is with that as well Toby
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1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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