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Hi evoOwnerZ is..., to drive a course, that is full of BENDS.., right !!
(To go sideway brings a smile in my face..:) ) ..few months
ago.., i did my 3dr Driver training course

|EQU| and amp;gt; BUT QUESTION..: does anywhere exists some information,
how to take BENDS prefect.., ..where to start a bend and where's the
bend's exit.. what's the perfekt line ¿¿

...hope, you'l understand my question border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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There is no such thing as the perfect line. The simple definition is the line that takes you fastest around the course. Sideways is not the fastest, but is the most fun!

The perfect line would be the one that allows you to carry the most speed through the corner. Keeping momentum throughout the course is what it is all about.

Look at for lots of explanations. If you are interested in European and UK circuits, then get the Autosport track guide from Demon Tweeks.

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Hoi Flo

chunsch näxt jahr mit mir mit nach Dijon. Det git mir min Kolleg wo Formel 3 fahrt neue Tips. Es lohnt sich würklich. Ich ha das jahr min fahrstil scho viel verbessert. Meistens fahrt me sowieso viel z'hecktisch. Wenn me runder fahrt tuet das balance vom auto nöd so störe und me isch schneller und verschleisst weniger.

Ich muess ebe hüt nöd schaffe, 1. November. Häsch du au frei?

Bin scho wieder am neui sache plane. Wie's usgseht kann ich dir mini downpipe ohne kat im früehling verkaufe.

Ich lüt dr morn no ah wegem suntig



PS: Bi dere sprach nütz nöd emal en translater!

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|EQU| and amp;gt; ..sorry, blade border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > !!! ...but many thnx for the answer.., circuit-page's great....

Hi Michel

Sicher !! ..würd mol mega gärn uf d'Rennstrecki go !! ..han do eigentlich leider (nur) erscht mini veltheim-erfahrig und natürlich paar street-race's

1. November.., isch leider in Basel NIT frei !! Schad.., bi dem schöne Wätter gosch din MAK sicher no mol bitz um'd ecke go schleudere :)
bevor du'n wilsch ischtelle...

Freu mich uf'd Downpipe.., diä vom Eggenberger hen gmeint, s'git bitz viel Luftverwirbelige und de Luftmängemässer git verfelschti Resultat, wenn mr' s pop-off reverse'd !! ...frog di denn morn, wiä bi dir das glöst isch (mit'm relocation-kit?¿¿)

Yep, hope to see yah this weekend

P.S.'me Translator chunt sicher voll's konfuse Zeugs use !!! :(

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...hey, !!

|EQU| and amp;gt; yess, swiss german.. switzerland we've got 4 languages.. isn't easy.. like in UK !! :(
(only english..) yes..yes.., that would not mean, that english's got a simple language.. it's always a combat... to post topic's :) :) !!)

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Hi guys

sorry for writing in Swiss German. Just wanted to see your reactions! The thing is there are many different dialects. Flo he speaks the Basle dialect and I have a mixture between Zurich and St. Galle. This is a bigger difference than between a gordy and a londoner.


I think Eggenberger said that as they only do it by themselves. If the standard Mitsi garage gets it wrong they could be made liable. On my car no problem.

You were right, today I got out to drive some mountain roads. Big fun, sometimes it was so slippery due to the leafs that the car spun all the wheels in a straight line in second gear. So downhill I took it easy as then you only get once big understeer. I also saw the black Mak and the silver RSII at BRT. This is just 3km from my girlfriends place.

I'll be quite early at the Züri Messe on Sunday. My dad comes with me and doesn't like all those time wasters so we'll be there at the opening. Hope you can make it. I'll call you tomorrow when I'm back in the office.

See ya

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