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I am going to have my tracking cheaked /adjusted (no problems just want to improve handling)

will i notice any improvement if i have the car set up for fast road use (ABP motorsport, do it for £90)
will it reduce tyre life much ?

and where is the best place (price ) around the north west to have this done , ABP , RC etc?

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I'd strongly reccomend RC and I'm sure they've had more experience with Evo's than ABP. You'll also get a much more personal touch.


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If you find what settings you want Gallaghers will do this for you. I've had mine set a couple of times, only to standard, but it had been out. Might be cheaper than the others, then again, might not;)


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Just put my E6 in to my local Mitsubishi dealer and had it set up with the TME geometry settings.

Makes a lot of difference, instantly noticable :D more grip, better turn in to corners, BRILLIANT.

£88 |PLS|VAT but thats what you pay for main dealer service I suppose.

Still worth it IMO.

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dident think of the dealers ! thanks lads,

car is due for a service soon so will ask them to do it the same time .

how much differance is there between the gsr settings and the mak settings ?

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I'd still really like to know what other people have their geometry set too, everytime someone asks no bugger gives and figures out, is it a big secret or something?

moan mutter whine

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all settings are on my website, this is for evo 6

performance alignment

front zero toe or slight toe in (will toe out under braking so don't bother toeing out, woft)
rear zero toe
front -2 camber
rear - 1 camber

car steers from the back, if you are not happy with the setup then:
increase toe in at back for understeer, decrease toe in for oversteer

no point in getting a 'performance alignment' if you don't know what they are setting it too (bit like getting someone to tune the video without looking at the picture, who is to know if it is on the channel or not) and all cars are slightly different
need to adjust to known settings, see if you like it and then adjust further from there, always make sure u get a printout of final settings and file for reference (also check that alignment rig calibration is up to date...)

finally a (real) performance alignment will decrease high speed stability and make car more 'nervous' and car may tramline/wander more
most shops will prefer to run some toe at back for safety sake and may disguise by saying that this will make car handle better


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Got mine sorted Monday at Micheldever tyres. According to the bloke I spoke to Evo's are quite easy to work with but are fiddley to get dead on. Usually takes an hour to get it right but if there are problems it can take 2 or 3 hours! Mine took just over an hour but he only booked an hour to it (helps if you are chatty with them while they do it ;)) best £40 I have spent on the car although I had to book up the appointment 6 weeks in advance!
Personally I would never trust a main dealer to do the geometry, heard too many stories of them either not having a clue what they are doing or booking for the work and not doing it! As Evotrak says if you don't get a print out you don't know whats been done.

Mine is now set to:

Camber |EQU| -1°40 (I think -2 promotes too much tyre wear for my liking)
Toe-in |EQU| 0mm

Camber |EQU| -1°00
Toe-in |EQU| 1mm

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I couldn't the settings any better than below because, I presume, of the eibach lowered springs its running.

Front camber -2.25
Rear camber -2.00
Toe in front and rear was set to 1mm.

I couldn't say whether it could be better for my liking, but it's a hell of an improvement as to how it was before I had it set up.


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i am running
3mm- ve camber at the front
1mm-be at the back

toe in 1mm front/rear.

i don't understand why the increased toe in at the back will give you more understeer. on my car evo 7 more toe in at the back gave me more oversteer. the way i thought about it the tyres is already pointing towards the corner before you even start cornering when you start turning hence more oversteer.


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Just had my geometry done by RC,they have just purchased £16000 worth of kit,it uses TV cameras on all 4 wheels to set up the geometry,the cameras are linked to 2 computors it is the most accurate I have come across,the difference now is unbelievable........You should try it ,makes the normal laser set up look Victorian.

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