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Firstly i can only speak for my own E5 experiences but ..............

If your not shy and you like to drive your car, ive found these setting suit my driving style and tyres


Front - 1.5 deg neg

Rear - upright


Front - 1mm toe in each side

Rear - parallel

Whilst peolpe spend lots of money on tyres, I dont believe you really need to just as long as your front tyres have stiff side walls, giving you crisp reaction when you want it. And i run soft side walled rear tyres, gives you a more progressive slide and wont snap back at you when you find grip.

Lets face it..........youve got 4wd, why splash out on expensive rubber. I get loads more satisfaction doing big 4 wheel drifts on cheep rubber :angel:

Hope this helps
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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