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Genuine white RalliArt gear knob???

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During the jap fest at the MLR stand i noticed a number of Evos had white RalliArt gear knobs!! they looked the dogs ****** so began my quest to find 1!
was told by MLR to try Rob at Sumo Power! so off i went rang them up an Rob wasnt there but was told hed call me back! 2 days later no call!
rang again this time sum1 else said hed look into it an call me back!! 3 weeks later no call back!!
so.....ive cum to the conclusion of sod sumo! ill try my knowledgable EVO buddies! who neva let me down! so could any1 sort me out any RELIABLE contacts or info on this item????

would be very grateful
many thanks
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Pm or Email usually works well.

Sorry of the guys didnt get back to you in the time you needed we do try our best.

JAE Billing mate last year yes,

We have been flat out for the last 3 or 4 months getting the 350Z built and ready to roll....

Finally finished now and well worth a trip to GT Battle to see it in the flesh for sure.

Cant wait to get back to normality some time soon and getting home before a new days starts:D

Another new project looms so I doubt it will be to soon happening.

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JAE for sure Stu.

Theres got to be some chill time somewhere, just gotta find it.

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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