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Evos appear delicate when you read this site because people only tend to post when they have problems. If a car is running fine without any problems at all then they won't post just to say that it is.

Evo's aren't particularly delicate and can withstand a lot of abuse and tuning compared to other cars.

However, going from your comments re servicing then I think you probably haven't done enough research before buying the car. They do need servicing regularly.... that is what makes them fairly bulletproof and reliable. My Evo did 86,000 miles in 3 1/2 years and was serviced every 4,500 miles. It cost a lot to start with because I paid a dealer to do the work but then started doing it myself and it became a lot cheaper.

AYC light needs sorting out before you potentially knacker your rear diff at a cost of approx. £4k (ish) Use the search facility on the forum and you'll find lots of info about the potential causes for the AYC light coming on.

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