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GEMS / MOTECH - Which one?

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Anyone done the research on these two.
What are the major differences if any?

Thanks in advance
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gems cheaper, uk based, easier to self programme.

it's what i'd get or maybe link.

Motech overpriced imo.
Gems has knock sensor I believe, not the MoTeC.

Ralliart UK in Dudley program Gems to suit your needs I understand. Maybe give them a credit card, sorry, I meant phone call? :D
Motec is better from a technology point of view, but from a doing the job point of view , GEMS is probably a better fit. GEMS can use a MAF or MAP, has idle control and knock sensor. Motec is MAP only I believe, has no idle control (although you can get a box from Prospeed to sort this out). Motec also have a very good argument against knock sensors (too long and complicated to go into here). GEMS is quite good value for money. Link is an option, but not as advanced as either of these IMHO. Autech is also another option.

Can I ask what you are trying to achieve first (i.e. what problem you are trying to solve) before suggesting an ECU or modification?
I have a GEMS unit.
Once set up properly, they are superb. I am told it suits a road car application better than MOTEC (from a sales guy !!!!) as it caters for the Air Con and Cold Start / Warm up tables.
What's your application and what additional mods do you plan?
Thanks for the info.
To answer your question Blade and amp; SuperL i am basically going for a stage 1 conversion and can't afford the full s jobbie at the moment.(Just about to order a Z 100WR, hence tight pennies!!)
However, i plan to have major internals done when finances allow.
Part of the stage 1 includes a ralliart sports ecu, which would be U S when further mods are carried out.
So basically, i figure going for a programmable ecu now will save time and money later on.
Coupled with some weight loss of around 22 - 25 kg, should be a significant improvement.

Will let u know how i get on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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