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Hi guys,

I have a few problems with my EVO IV gearbox. Firstly, when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear, the gearbox seems to make a grinding/bumpy noise - I think this is referred to as crunching ?? Can this problem be fixed? And is this a serious problem?

Secondly, when the car is travelling at high revs (e.g 5000rpm) in 2nd gear, the gearbox seems to make a rattling noise. I am not sure what this is and it is very worrying. I have not yet changed the geabox oil (bought it second hand) but I will do that soon.

Has anyone else had the above problems? If so, what did you do about them? Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated!

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The E4 has been one of the most reliable of EvoS especially the gear box,best get it checked out ,as at this stage it may be some thing simple,on the gate mechinism or synchomesh,Do You have difficulty putting the car in to 1st or reverse?
Have the clutch looked at ,as this may have some adjustment,and that the clutch plate may not be engaged correctly even though foot pedal depressed fully.
Also check that the gear box bolts /housing are all in place and montings are secure ,as the rattle could be vibration of box .A mis alighned gear box could cause gearing problems .Not engaging smoothly.


Paul s

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hi bad news on the gearbox. however i have a gsr evo 4 box if you need it.

tel 01525210272 brian.

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I would get the gearbox looked at sooner rather than later, as I found to my cost. I had griding noises shortly before mine went.

At £1800 it was a tad expensive and I wish I had sorted it sooner, it may not have cost be as much money or time and I was without the car for 3 months while it was being done, ( awaiting parts etc).

My gearbox was rebuilt by Norris Designs, Nr Chippenham they may be able to help.

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After saying that the E4 gearbox is usually problem free.
What happens?
Cadwell Park, have a Tvr chasing me [at last some one in a tvr who can drive it]
coming down before the mountain changed down to third,revved up ,NOTHING !!
I now have no third gear and had to travel home 200 miles.
The car is drivable ,but ther is no sign what so ever of a third gear existance.
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