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Have just my gearbox oil for Castrol SMX Syntrax universal. What a difference, like a new gear box. Previously 4th had always been a bit difficult to get and I would frequently get a few crunches. I put this down to my crappy driving, but this has now totally disappeared. Other shifts have also improved and I now feel more confident that when I change I will find the gear I want which sometimes I couldn’t before.

My TME has about 5000 miles on the clock and I’m guessing this is the first time the oil has been changed. The oil that came out was discoloured, but not badly so. What was a bit scary was the amount of iron filings on the magnetic scavenger on the drain plug.

Thanks to HH6 for that post on the gear oil as it has improved the driving experience and may have saved my box from expensive damage.

Bloody easy to do as well. Just lifted car up by about 4-6 inches. Took less than an hour.

For me its this type of issue that makes this forum invaluable.
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