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It is just that I have taken out my ECU and it has there stickers all over it. I never realised this before, when I put my Ralliart one in to test it.

A while back I had a problem with my actuator and the car was boosting to something silly. At first I thought I was getting fuel cuts but now I am not so sure. It felt more like the car was holding back, misfiring if you like... But I have been told that when you have a fuel cut the car shuts down and you get a big jolt.

I have all the parts to put the Ralliart ECU in, which I will probably do unless I can find out if mine has been played with.

All this makes me think that the ECU has been played with but how do I find out ? I have E Mailed them for as much info about my car as I can. But it does not mean somebody has not put it back to standard. :confused:
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