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Hello i am from Germany
We drive a Galant Vr4 with complett Evo3 Tech, my Freind works by Toyota Germany and we become
a new WRC Corolla FMIC, Turbocharger and manuell Fuelregulator.
we need info for an new ecu or the modifikations for the factory ECU to make no risk driving with the new units.
is the Engine good for the so tuning or must we rebulit with spezial things???
we hope to get 330 to 350 German Horsepower is this realistic???
It s only one car in germany with this engine, so we become no info in germany.
sorry for the bad englisch, i hope you unterstand me.
best regards Thomas

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Fit the FMIC and the adjustable fuel regulator.

Don't bother with the Toyota Turbo. The standard evo 3 'big 16g' turbo is good for 375 hp.

You will need bigger injectors (evo 3 only 510cc/min) and either an Apex S'AFC to retune the fuelling or a new programmeable ecu such as Motec/DTA/Gems to reach this sort of level.

Don't forget to uprate the fuel pump.

330 to 350hp is easily achievable.
For more a set of HKS cams will probably be necessary.

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It's all been done in the USA already. Some sites to look at are:
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