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Seeing as the gen discussion board has been a bit slow recently, and after inspiration by Riddy's prang in his mini:

Who's got a funny driving story?


I was 16, had a Kawasaki AR50 moped and loved it!

Travelled 10,000 miles in a year, every minute of every day was spent on this thing (other than going to school). I was out one Saturday afternoon, only about 15 miles from home, drove the thing straight into a tree!

i wasn't hurt, but the engine wouldn't start, so couldn't ride it home. Found a payphone (days b4 mobiles), phoned pa, he said he would come and get me. Dad turns up in his Cavalier and thinks of how to get the bike home.

We tried to fit it in the back of the car. After petrol/oil mixture all over his parcel shelf, it was decided it wouldn't fit. He had a green plastic rope in boot, so it was decided he would tie this to the rear towing eye of the car and I would hold on to the other end!

It all seemed fine, but for starters the rope was about 30 feet long! I held the end and he proceeded to drive off. After about 5 minutes, the slack was taken up and I tried to hang on to the bike with one hand, while holding the rope with the other. Of course, I fell off and was dragged along the road and the bike fell over!

Re-think! We tied the rope around the handlebars of the bike, that should sort it! Only problem was that it was impossible to tie it in the centre ('cos of the yoke). He pulled away, wait for the slack to be taken up, the bike rolled off, perfect! Only problem was that every little acceleration of the car made the bike pull to the right, 'cos of the position of the rope. I spent most of the journey on the wrong side of the road, and when I did manage to steer it onto the right side, the rope was so long that when he went round a bend I was pulled over to either the nearside bushes or the wrong side of the road. It was like the Keystone cops!

I made it home in one piece (just), kicked the bike over again, and it started! Must have just been flooded! My dad's a doughnut!


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ive got another one.
about ten of us went on a sunday blast on our bikes (mainly yamaha 350 lcs. hot bikes 19 years ago when i was 17). we went up to the lakes on a scorthing hot we rode through Bowness it was heaving with tourists there must have been a thousand people wandering about, any way being a show of i decided to pull a wheelie right down the main road on the edge of the lake. trouble is i forgot to warn my pillion. i pops the throttle and wey hey up comes the front wheel, i thought it was a bit difficult to control but perservered for about 100 yards. unbeknown to me my mate on pillion was adjusting his helmet and therefore not holding on, somehow he managed to hook his feet onto the incators and without a clue i dragged him 100 yards on his back all the while trying to cling,on one wheel with a thousand people watching. it must have looked good till i put the front wheel down and then left him sat in the road.

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There was a bike meet at the pub I used to drink at. At the end of the evening groups of bikes left, pulling team wheelies. All going well until one group of 5 leave. One guy with a Rickman Roadrace frame and Kwaker Z1000 engine gets it wrong, weaves all over the place and loses it backwards but not until he has knocked over all the other bikes. Everybody LOL's.

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Many moons ago in my younger 70's driving days, there used to be a group of 4 of us lads. I had an Imp (was besotted by them), my mates Dave a Mini (which we put an 1100 engine in with 12 wheels - looked funny), Mick with his Imp van (converted to 998 - fast van it was) and Martin with his Ford Anglia Thames van (which he put in a 1500GT engine, Classic struts and amp; discs etc. the usual Anglia mods we all did in those days).

Anyway, one Saturday, Dave had a problem with the Mini which necessitated a trip into town to fetch some bits to fix it. Time was of the essence because he was working lates from 4pm. So we all rushed off in Martins van into town, got the bits and raced back home. Raced being the operative word because we were doing three figures in a 40 limit ! All the time I kept looking over my shoulder to see if there were any blue lights in pursuit. We reached a set of traffic lights and while waiting, sure enough, the boys in blue appeared. We pulled over after the lights and two officers stepped out. One was an older chap whilst the other looked like a young recruit. The older one said to the younger one You check his documents, I'll check the car over . The young one leant over and asked for Martins licence which he had in his wallet. The recruit scanned the licence, pondered for a moment, and then leant down and said And em, what's your name Mr Roberts ? border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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