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Iv had my Evo in the garage over winter having a few paint jobs and other things, As iv been starting it and moving it around the garage I noticed the fuel pump was starting to whine (Walbro 225),Driving home from the garage the other week to my storage unit it was screaming its tits off
So I swaped it with my spare standard fuel but as I took the sender unit out the fuel was a horrible brown crappy colour, Now over the winter I had to change the fuel filler pipe as it was rotten so I guess some crap has got into the tank
I drained and pump the crap out of the tank and lines,put some fresh fuel in the other night and bought a new Walbro pump, fitted the pump the other night and took it for a spin and it ran fine for about 5/6mile and then the new pump started whining aswell

What would you guys recommend next?
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