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Started to experience fuel cuts when temperature drops(i.e in the late evening on the way home from work).Boost gauge reads round to 1.5bar when it happens. I know this has been discussed before but it seems that the major threads have been lost.
What are the possible solutions to Fuel cut,Booost controler?,Fuel cut defencer?
What about playing with the restrictor size to prevent to much over boost,only problem is that i wouldnt know where to start.Im getting rather worried as i dnt want Fuel cut to occur after reading about the dangers of it.
All help and suggestions are much appreciated.

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What evo is yours?

1.5bars is too much with the standard ecu!
Did you always reach this pressure or is it higher than normal? What mods do you have on your evo?

Anyway a possible cause of the high pressure can be a rusted or damaged wastegate actuator.
When the actuator is ok you should have the right pressure,standard is about 0.9bars but
at 1.2 or 1.3 bars you shouldn't have fuel cuts.
Then it's up to you to see if it's safe or not.

You can always modify the metal restrictor to change the boost but be careful as a slight modification will make a big difference.

Don't go for the hks fcd!

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As maxi says the wastegate actuator being dis-functional is
a good candidate.
Don't tolerate the high boost or fuel cuts for long, otherwise your conrod bolts will go pop !

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What modifications have you done to your car? If you have any mods fitted (intake/exhaust especially) have you only experienced the fuel cuts since fitting them?
If your car is standard have the fuel cuts suddenly developed? (did you get any in the winter?)

If you have modded the car (intake etc.) then that will explain the increase in boost due to increased 'breathing'.
If the fuel cuts have suddenly developed then it may be a faulty wastegate actuator.

My E6 was overboosting to 1.4 bar max which meant the odd fuel cut was experienced (standard engine, no mods) this was with a new engine (hence new wastegate actuator so it wasn't that). I have now reduced the level down to 1.1 bar max with no more fuel cuts. I worked out how the standard boost control system works exactly and altered it to reduce the boost. It is VERY important that you make sure the problem of overboosting is not due to a fault with the Wastegate Actuator. As Maxi says the Actuator can rust and therefore stick preventing openning of the wastegate.
If you find your Actuator is OK and you can find no other cause why it is overboosting then email me and I will explain how to reduce the boost level. I don't publish openly how to do it as someone who doesn't know what they are doing can abuse it resulting in terminal engine damage, something I don't wish to be party to border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >.

Mr Mine,
Quite right or the con-rods bend, speaking from experience here [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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Thanks for the replies.
My car has an induction kit,decat,HKS exhaust and boost upgrade.when hot all is fine boost spikes to 1.2bar and holds 1.1bar. but when cooler(under 16 degrees)the boost spikes up 2 1.5 bar and fuel cut occurs.I think i can safely say its down 2 the uprated boost rather then the actuator. i want to get it sorted before the weather turns nasty again.
P.S i do have the ARP bolts done. boost only overboosts 2 that level(1.5bar) rarely Im just looking to avoid getting the fuel cuts.
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