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A friend let me try the ralliart sports ecu RA420996R1 on my EVO V(I have fuel cuts,you can read the fuel cuts topics).

Whit this ecu there are no fuel cuts at all,the rev limiter seems to be higher,and the acceleration is improved.

I try it with the solenoid restrictor at his place,and the jet restrictor removed,the boost should be at 1.1,and it was fast.With a small jet and the restrictor removed,the boost should be at 1.4,it was even faster.

On my evo v there is a full exhaust,pe fuel pump,hks rs kit.

The question is,if I keep the RALLIART ECU,is it ok if the restrictor is removed and the jet
to raise the boost next to the wastegate is fitted.Or this is to much boost?
RALLIART has a high output boost valve controller,£75,to raise the boost when a sports ecu is fitted.Is that the same thing if you play with the two restrictors?

Any suggestion?

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I'm having this kit fitted to my E6 by Ralliart and they say it's okay to 1.5 bar. However, they will also be fitting the ARP bolt set to the bottom end of the engine as the extra strength is a must when raising power by large amounts.

Once I have this kit fitted, do you think I should be looking at a new BOV as I've heard that the higher boost pressure may cause the stock unit to leak?

As to how the boost pressure level is set is beyond me (you'll have to get someone else to answer that one)



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Hi Naunt!

I don't know if the original bov can leak with more pressure,but it's possible.
Some people reverse the std one,but I don't think that is a good solution at all!

If you change it for an upgraded one,go for a recirculating one as standard I think reid motorsport have a model for the evo vi.

With others you can have idle stabilization problems,and less response at low rpm.

Best regards

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