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I ve just brought a standard yellow evo 3 , should I be using super unleaded or standard unleaded in it, plus I cant get the fuel filler into the filler neck , how do I remove the restrictor or is a adapter available.
Does any one know how many yellow evo 3 there are in the uk , I have seen ads that mean that there are at least 3 about , and are white wheels standard on this model.

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It seem all generally recommend 97ROn fuel regardless.
What you using to fill the car a deisel nozzle[the fat commercial type.]
Ive never come across any problem like this before ,only when i fill my vito van from a lorry derv pump.
Th only other yellow E3 I had seen had white wheels.I nearly bought it.for the missus,but red micra's are here speed preference.


Paul s

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Super-unleaded,( with an octane booster )

As I understood it, in original japanese spec, the cars have a different size filler neck and need an adaptor so uk hoses fit.

This is supposed to be part of the SVA test.
Has it been SVA'd |EQU| do you have a certificate ?
Does it have a fog lamp, mph on the speedo, etc.

I have an Evo 1 and have no fuel filler problems.


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The standard jap fuel filler neck should be as wide as a very wide thing. As part of the SVA test for UK use a filler neck restrictor dia. 22mm must be fitted so that LRP and Diesel nozzles do not fit. If you can't get a unleaded nozle in then the restrictor is probably too small. Most people fit a restrictor for the SVA test then whip it out afterwards.

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Agreed about the restrictor, get rid of it - plenty of room in the neck of my tank now, just make sure it really is SUL you're putting in, not LRP!

White wheels? If it's a GSR then it was fitted with erm, alloy-coloured alloys, RS came with steel wheels so no, white wheels aren't factory fitted.

I've seen a couple of EvoIIIs in yellow, one a very tasty HKS/Cusco modded job which I've just noticed has white wheels too.
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