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The inside of my front tyres are not good, is this a trate of a 4wd car or is my wheel alignement not as it should be. The guys at the local tyre bay said they can fit new boots and track the car provided they have the necessary spec to go by. If anybody has got this informaton I would be very grateful if they could let me know.cheers

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From a posting back in January:

The settings for the Evo 5 from the workshop manual state:

Toe in mm : -3 ~ 3
Camber (selectable from 2 options) : -1º00'±30' or -2º00'±30' (difference between left and right wheel: less than 30')
Caster : 3º54'±30' (difference between left and right wheel: less than 30')
Kingpin Inclination : 14º18'

Toe in mm : 3 ± 2
Camber :-1º00'±30'
Rear Thrust Angle : 0º00'±30'

As I stated these are the Workshop Manuals settings for the 5 (the 4 is slightly different) although you may want to try settings as suggested in other postings.
The settings for the E5 and 6 are the same.

There are also other postings on the subject.

Bluezero try using the search option as you will find what you want a lot quicker and may even save yourself a posting and waiting for a reply.

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Just had my tracking adjusted by B P Motors; New Barn Lane; Cheltenham; GL52 3LF
tel. 01242 24569891

They set the car up for your preferred style of driving and their settings are totally different to the factory spec.

They have transformed the handling of my car and I cannot recommend them enough – worth my 100 mile round trip and £60.00.

They prepare and race rally cars including a 6 and definitely know their onions.

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I know its been a while since I asked the question about tyre wear, but cheers chaps for repling(heave ho and amp; Zippy). The settings for the standard 6 were spot on, but I have a zero fighter which is lower all round which proved to be a bit of a enigma to the tyre boys, because the geometry specs are all to ****. They did some maths and got busy with the spanners and it doesent seem a mile away. Zippy regarding BP, they are the people that have been giving my beast the medical for the last 9 months or so, Lee is a top boy and knows his **** when it comes to evo6is.
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