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Front discs for under £250?

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I need some new front discs for my IV. I had ordered some Pagid 16 groove discs but have just had an email saying the 16 groove discs have been discontinued, the 8 groove are still available. Are the 8 groove discs any good? I do the occasional trackday so standard are no good. What other discs fall into my £250 price limit for just discs?
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I know what you mean about the drilled discs cracking easily, I had that problem on my previous car. At the moment I am leaning towards the EBC grooved and dimpled discs (turbo groove) as Brakes4u do them for £188.24 delivered (pair). I know a couple of people using these discs with good results (different car though)
Cheers for the replies, I bought some 16 groove discs from Madmat on the forum.

p.s. I think I saw you & your misses cars (FTO) on KH the last time I was up? Nice motors
Yeah that was us, we both had a good time. I did some in-car filming but somehow managed to record over alot of my driving footage :moon: Hopefully we'll be there on the 6th.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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