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I took my car today for a wheel alignement.

The place where I took it do the alignement for some Gr.N rally Evos so I though it would be easy for them.

They aligned convergence and rear camber easily, but they could not find a way to change the camber angle of the front wheels.

My TME has a standard suspension, and the camber adjustment seems to be different than the Proflex shocks that Gr.N car use.

I asked for the following settings:
-1.5 deg camber front, -1 deg camber rear and 1mm convergence in each wheel.

As they could not adjust front camber, I have a camber difference of a bit more than 1/3 of a degree between the 2 front wheels, which I don't think will be a problem anyway.

Can someone explain to me how to change adjust the front camber?

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eccentric bolts or similar,got an arrow on its head or something
this isnt very helpfull is it !
bottom of strut
id wait for someone else to answer
but yes it is adjustable

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The front has two possible camber settings, -1­° or -2°. The upper of the two bolts that bolt the strut to the steering knuckle is eccentric. If you turn this bolt around by 180° then you can change the camber setting between the two values. The design does not allow any setting inbetween.
If you clean up the bolt head you should see an arrow on it. If the arrow is pointing inwards (towards the car) then the camber is set at -1°. If the arrow is pointing outwards (away from the car) then the camber is set at -2°. The cars leave the factory with the camber set at -1°.
This applies to the E5/6/TME, I am not sure about the E7 though.
You can make up some bolts to set it to whatever you want as I think someone has done it before. You could also get some pillowball top mounts and then set it more easily.

(btw usless tip No.147: the degree symbol (°) can be typed by holding down the ALT key and then typing 0176 on the numeric keypad of your keyboard.)
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