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freeman keep on driving

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I came across this website

Does it have anything to do with Mr Loophole, from the Tiff Needell fame?

Membership is £99 per year.
Anyone on MLR a member and is it worth becoming one?
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Yes, it's him :rolleyes:

What he doesn't tell you is that if you have Legal Protection or Uninsured Loss cover on your motor insurance policy, you're already covered for legal assistance in the case of anything motoring related. So if you get nicked for speeding and think it's unfair you can ask your legal protection people to assist which will mean appointing a solicitor in most cases. The entire cost will be met by your insurers and there is no excess to pay.

Legal Protection/Uninsured Loss Recovery is included free on many fully comprehensive policies or is a low-cost add-on, usually less than £50.00 a year.

Makes Mr Freeman sound rather expensive.
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