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FQ 400 v VI xtreme

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After reading the latest edition of wastegate chatter i couldn,t help but notice the offical figures for the 400 arn,t much different to the offical figures for the xtreme. 0 to 60 3.5 for the 400 ,3.9 for the xtreme and 9.1 to 100 for the 400 and 9.5 for the xtreme .After reading the article i can,t help thinking the xtreme would beat the 400 in all but top speed.?
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Leonard said:
P.S Give it a rest with the attitude Aidy you now officially own the worst Evo going an VIII in yellow! :eek: :D :confused: ;)
Leonard, don't diss the Dandelion posse! :mad:
Extremist said:
The V1 Extreme ( not RS450 ) had roughly 310 lb/ft Torque

The FQ 400 has 355lb/ft Torque

Toque Talks !

FQ 400 is the quicker car :D
My car has a peak torque of 356 lb/ft

I bet it is slower than a 400 if you wind the 400 up and keep it there?

Doh, edited to correct the figure, joke did not really work with the figure i put in before
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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