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FQ 400 v VI xtreme

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After reading the latest edition of wastegate chatter i couldn,t help but notice the offical figures for the 400 arn,t much different to the offical figures for the xtreme. 0 to 60 3.5 for the 400 ,3.9 for the xtreme and 9.1 to 100 for the 400 and 9.5 for the xtreme .After reading the article i can,t help thinking the xtreme would beat the 400 in all but top speed.?
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Mmmm, that's a really interesting question
Ian6xtreme said:
Hows the 8 mate
I'm picking it up next week sometime. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I'll keep it for a week or two and attempt some form of write-up or comparison of it vs my VI. I had my VI for three years so hopefully after a few weeks I can draw a comparison.
Weebl said:
Leonard, don't diss the Dandelion posse! :mad:
Leonard said:
Dont try and engraciate yourself with us V and VI homeboys now :D You made your bed lay in it :p
Why would I want to? The V/VI is so last year :p
1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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