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FQ 400 owners

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Having a few problems with my new 400.

Firstly had to have engine ecu re-mapped as revs died on pull away. Two weeks later i now have it back and whilst it is greatly improved, i cannot imagine this car doing 0-60 in 3.5. Has anyone managed it. When first is engaged there is still a distinct lack of power and it takes time to get the power up. It seems almost impossible to do a fast smooth sprint. Once the car is rolling it is fantastic, but I couldnt even imagine taking on my mums skoda as it stands. :cry: :cry:

Sound Familiar to anyone.
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C# said:
Even at 460bhp, £47,000 is hugely expensive!
Hmm.... new Evo IX GT £24,500

Should see 460bhp + brakes etc for £12.5k - pocket the £10k for your own "worth having" warranty.

same old s***
imo if you buy a 400 then you are mainly paying to own 1 out of only 99 now avalible
Yeah and at least you get a numbered sticker - if you were to buy a CLK GTR (new one) , my dream car, you'd get a plaque saying "One out of 100". Merc are too cheap - so they mass produced 100 identical ones!
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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