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FQ 400 owners

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Having a few problems with my new 400.

Firstly had to have engine ecu re-mapped as revs died on pull away. Two weeks later i now have it back and whilst it is greatly improved, i cannot imagine this car doing 0-60 in 3.5. Has anyone managed it. When first is engaged there is still a distinct lack of power and it takes time to get the power up. It seems almost impossible to do a fast smooth sprint. Once the car is rolling it is fantastic, but I couldnt even imagine taking on my mums skoda as it stands. :cry: :cry:

Sound Familiar to anyone.
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You only get 0-60 in 3.5 if you dial in 7000rpm and side step the clutch. If you want to do it again then you will have to change the clutch and gearbox ;)
FQ400-#018 said:
You're totally right!

Just that since people on this forum have been driving these cars for years - the above paragraph has been kindly abbreviated for us by leonard to "sidestepping the clutch"

I'm sure no one actually nails the right pedal and drops the left... though that's quite fun cos you can get the car to sit still spinning all 4 wheels as I discovered my first time at the pod!
I thought I had better pipe up at this point and say my comments were made with tongue firmly in cheek! Please do not dial in 7k and side step the clutch.............oh you have already done it, sorry :blush:
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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