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FQ 400 owners

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Having a few problems with my new 400.

Firstly had to have engine ecu re-mapped as revs died on pull away. Two weeks later i now have it back and whilst it is greatly improved, i cannot imagine this car doing 0-60 in 3.5. Has anyone managed it. When first is engaged there is still a distinct lack of power and it takes time to get the power up. It seems almost impossible to do a fast smooth sprint. Once the car is rolling it is fantastic, but I couldnt even imagine taking on my mums skoda as it stands. :cry: :cry:

Sound Familiar to anyone.
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xlr8 said:
yep...thanx Aidy ....good point :)
...I realise that .....particularly as most owners/users wouldn't have the facilities to do it themselves anyway

was really in context to the previous statement of 'swapping out the ECU'
....which I found a bit puzzling
So no other tuner can change the map, or steal the one on it.

Mitsi provide a warranty on the car, they have an extremely safe map on there, if they left it unlocked people would have it remapped to take better advantage of the FQ400's abilities, Mitsi may or may not end up paying out for more warranty work due to the car producing more power.
Aidy said:
Who in their right mind would want the FQ400's map? :confused:

The 'steal' comment was included for completeness :D
xlr8 said:
some good points ...... :)

and Paul_G
those were my initial thoughts also.....why would you want to spend another e.g. £2K....just to comply with a service schedule
or invalidate a warranty by re-mapping
If you unlock the ECU by wiping it, you lose the map originally on it and invalidate the warranty.

If you buy another and have it mapped and put the original in the shed, you can then just swap them back over come service/warranty repair time.
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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