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After reading the brainwashed car journalists in the 'worldly challenged' papers reviewing the FQ300 (it stands for Firkin quick he, he...!! : One journalist actually wrote that, he was probably fired from Autocar....for being above their standard!!), what is the deal with these. Now that CCC are only supplying new Evos?

Are these the RS II versions with the suction filter and backbox fitted?

Called a local dealer who didn't now his A from his E about what they were selling.

When are they in the showrooms? How many are there?


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Right, here is what I have been told. CCC are importing up to 300 RSII which have a very high spec for an RSII (AYC, ACD, Recaro seats, aircon) but a lower spec than the GSR. Some of these are being converted to be FQ300's and yes, the FQ does stand for f#ing quick, even though it is not! The 300 is the bhp. In addition to what you have stated, the ECU has been remapped by a company in the UK. Not allowed to say who but there is only 1 in the country who does this :) I believe that, to date, the numbers converted are 60.

The FQ300 also has some carbon in the cabin to distinguish it from a standard car. I am sure that will help it go a lot quicker ;) I haven't read any reports yet but CCC were making some outragious claims for the performance, 0-60 4.0secs. There is no way a 300bhp RSII could achieve that!

I am sure that there are others on this forum who know more than me and I hope I haven't spread misinformation, but you could say that was started by the CCC performance claims anyway :) :) :)

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0-60 not in writing by ccc anywhere (I Think), the only place I have seen it is in the motoring press, these
range from 4 to 5.2 secs!.

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Black Knight

I was told that it was in a press release from CCC, but that could just be journos embelishing the truth as usual ;)

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Well Tony you couldn't have read them properly ;)
The earlier press release from CCC did state the strange 0-60mph claims although they did state these were approximate (no doubt someone just getting over enthusiastic without knowing or hitting the '4' key instead of the '5' ;)) but it was changed in a later one.
Anyway the full info on everything from CCC as far as I know it is shown below :

First release 9/1/02:
Mitsubishi announces two versions of Evolution VII for UK market
Mitsubishi Motors in the UK are taking the opportunity of exhibiting at Autosport
International to confirm prices for the official factory built and approved European
specification Lancer Evolution VII's which go on sale in March.
Two versions will be available, the RS II 276 bhp model which has all the refinement
expected of an Evolution model including Active Yaw Control, Recaro seats and will be
priced at £29,995.
Having undergone extensive testing on the recent UK Press Launch of the Evo VII,
Mitsubishi in the UK are also announcing a power-up 300bhp version of the same car priced
at £31,495. In addition to the enhancements to the power unit and exhaust system, the Evo
VII 300, as it is code named, can be distinguished from the standard car by a carbon fibre dash
and switch panels, carbon fibre gear knob and carbon fibre rear spoiler end plates. The
enhancement work for the Evo VII 300 has been undertaken by Mitsubishi Motors own UK
preparation centre at Portbury, Bristol.
Official performance figures are to be confirmed but the maximum speed for both models is in
excess of 150mph and the approximate 0 to 60 mph time for the standard car is 4.4 seconds
and 4.0 seconds for the Evo VII 300.
Second one 19/2/02:
Evolution VII RS II and FQ-300
Two versions of Mitsubishi's latest supercar are being introduced. The 'standard' RS
II and the power up Evo VII - the FQ-300. The FQ could stand for 'flipping quick'-
or 'fine quality' - your choice. With the FQ-300 performance pack fitted, the
superfast Evo produces 305 bhp at 6,500 rpm compared to the 276 bhp at 6,500 rpm
of the RS II. Torque figures are 282 lb ft at 3,500rpm for the RS II and 300 lb ft at 4,500
on the FQ-300. This 8.4% increase in torque results in improved flexibility in gear
changing for improved responsiveness when overtaking. The RS II has a 0-62mph
time of 5.3 seconds and a restricted maximum speed of 155mph. The official figures
for the FQ-300 have yet to be confirmed. The RS II retails at £29,995 and the
upgraded FQ-300 for £31,495. Fuel economy and emission figures - do they matter
sufficient to say emissions are legal.
I believe the first 'batch' are all sold and the next lot aren't due until September time (that's right isn't it Tony?).

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Ah Yes I had forgotten about that one but it did have a disclaimer on it (poetic licence from someone) its like someone with a scoob claiming its faster than an evo.

AFAIK first batch all sold.

I wonder how much brake pads are?
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