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First off, Welcome to the Mitsubishi Lancer Register.

A quick read of these guidelines will make your membership and use of the forum much easier, both for yourself, other members and for the moderators and administrators.

This section is devoted to the new users of the Mitsubishi Lancer Register forum, a place where they can make their first posts on the forum and find their feet. Consequently the moderating guidelines, which are interpreted in a relaxed way on the main forum, will be interpreted in a much stricter way within this section, also the additional guidelines as found below will apply.

This section is for introducing yourself and your car, if you have a technical question then the appropriate technical section will be a better place to post your question or query, more answers will be forthcoming that way.

You can be considered a 'newbie' for approximately 50 posts, after this point you should have found your feet and be able to understand the sometimes sharp edged banter found in the forum sufficiently to be able to post in the main forum sections.

NO flaming or misguided humour will be acceptable in this section whatsoever, the MLR has plenty of sections where banter is acceptable, this is not one of them. Only posting of a welcoming nature will be acceptable.

Firstly, if you have a post that is moved/edited/deleted etc you will ALWAYS get a PM from the moderator who edited/deleted the post explaining the reasoning behind the edit/delete and referring you back to these guidelines.

When will my thread be edited/deleted?
Your thread or post will be deleted if it contains
Pornography, links to Pornography or links to other inappropriate sites. This site is accessible to people of all ages and there are plenty of other means to get access to inappropriate sites if you really want to.
Xenophobia, racism or personal abuse. This forum is not the place for these sorts of discussions. See also Banning of Individuals.
Deliberately inciting a flame war within this or any other forum.
Deliberately advertising or sale of illegal material. Fairly obvious this one...
Anything invasive of a person's privacy.

Your thread or post may be edited or deleted if it contains:
Swearing and offensive words including offensive words embedded in images. Again, children access the site and appropriate parts of posts/threads will be edited to remove the offending words/images. If this is not possible then the offending post/thread will be deleted.
Spam or any other form of unauthorised advertising. This includes unauthorised posts of a commercial nature.
Flagrant disregard for the interests of the community(anti community spirit)
Any copyright-infringing material (either text or graphic). Again, the relevant part of the thread/post will be edited. If this is not possible then the thread will be deleted.
When the thread contains any material that is deemed 'potentially libellous' in the eyes of the moderator editing/deleting the thread i.e. anything that can be considered damaging to a company or individual that cannot be proven by facts. If the moderator believes that the post/thread to be potentially libellous then it will be removed and advice sought from the individual poster to try and obtain the facts and reasons behind the post. If suitable facts and reasons are given then the post will be reinstated.

When will I be banned from the site?
Banning of individuals from the site is not something that the moderators wish to resort to without good reason. A person will be banned from the site if that person repeatedly and blatantly ignores these forum guidelines. In the first instance, a warning of their conduct will be issued and their future posts will be monitored closely. If the person then continues to ignore the warning and post material contradicting these guidelines then the person will have their account suspended from the forum for 1 week. If the person then returns and continues again, they will be permanently banned from the MLR website.

Avatar Guidelines
Users are requested to appreciate that many members allow their children to access this site to share in their interest in the Mitsubishi Lancer. Consequently we ask that any pornographic or otherwise offensive images not be used as avatars. Please be aware that the commercial advertising rules apply here also. Posting of web addresses, company names or telephone numbers is not acceptable unless you are an MLR affiliated trader.

Signature guidelines
Users are requested to appreciate other users of the site and keep the size of their signatures to a reasonable size. A reasonable size is a maxium height of 125 pixels or 5 lines of text. Signatures may be edited if too large. In addition we also ask that any pornographic or otherwise offensive images not be used as signatures or parts of signatures. Please be aware that the commercial advertising rules apply here also. Posting of web addresses, company names or telephone numbers is not acceptable unless you are an MLR affiliated trader.

Information for Non-Members
Please be aware that if you are not a full MLR Member you are limited to making a maximum of 20 posts in the last 30 day period. Displayed on the MLR home page are the number of posts made in the last 30 days. Users abusing this and creating new accounts will have all their accounts suspended.
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