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Thanks for all the information on the GEMS. I will probably be going down the same route as Daved6.

The other option is to run a bit more boost with the GEMS by installing forged pistons, forged connecting rods, upgrated head gasket and fuel pump.

I have been enquiring about the forged pistons and con-rods and the cost of the HKS items is about £2200.

With the fitting of the above and the fuel pump and head gasket I have been quoted another £2000. This does not include the price of the head gasket and fuel pump.

What do you guys think. It seems bloody expensive.

Does anyone know what alternatives there are to the HKS items and what should be the estimated cost.

Also what should be the expected labour time and costs fitting these items.



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HKS stuff is good but imho is overpriced. 2 UK companies do good rods at about £600/set , piston wise , U can go JE from Dragon.
Remember tho , up2 400'ish bhp , u don't need rods and pistons. Labour wise , if fitting pistons and a rebore is required u can work on 3-4 days , so about a grand upwards. Under say , 20 k miles a rebore shudn't b required but a bore honing will , that'll knock a day or so off the labour.

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Hi there

That 2000 GBP for labour is WAY TOO MUCH!! I can get my whole car seam welded for that money! (which includes stripping it totally and putting everything back on AND the welding AND sraping the black **** off!)

For your reference, my local rallye team take the engine out in approx 2 hrs. They told me that when I want to fit the internals I should bring it a 6 pm before they close so they can start at 8 am the next morning with a cold engine. Depending on the guy that hones the cylinders I can drive away with it the very same day in the late afternoon. But there's always sthg in the way, so I know it will be 2 days without the car. It shouldnt take longer than 3 days in any case. They charge 23 GBP an hour, so it should be something like 250 GBP. Or 500 in the UK.

You can get the internals much cheaper than the prices you quoted from Fair Import in Toulouse, say 1800 GBP.

You asked for brands for pistons and rods. There are the following brands available at Fair Import:
HKS Kanzai

These are the ones I know he can get you, but there might be more.

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Cosworth (UK)
Omega (UK)
Ross (USA)
Arias (USA)
Jun (Cosworth made I think)


Farndon Engineering (nice flywheels too)
Crower (popular drag racing rod in US)

A lot of the Japanese tuners rebadge other peoples parts.

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Can trade buy evo piston kits from Cosworth direct ?????

Ive heard arrow rods are the dogs, anyone got a contact number for Arrow ?


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Out of interest, Cosworth Piston's retail at £800|PLS|vat (does include rings);
the HKS pistons are £895|PLS|v and £110|PLS|v for the rings.

Arrow Rods dont have a RRP but judging by the trade price I would assume most
dealers would charge in the region of £900|PLS|vat (comes with rod bolts obviously).

I think Cosworth pistons combined with Arrow rods would make an incredible combination;
should be able to run 2bar all day long border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

Would anyone be interested if I run a group buy for the pair....say £1,649inc vat ???

Might want to add an HKS head gasket in there too (£175|PLS|v)


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for what its worth...last time i checked

denco pistons with rings $nz 1200 (352 pounds)
denco rods (crower style h beam) $1800 (529 pounds)

so 881 pounds all up

ross forgings in the states make the pistons to denco specifications

denco used to supply pistons and rods for possum bourne before he got crate motors from prodrive for free

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