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Might interest someone for a bit of fun:

Ford Granada Estate V6 Banger (or Tramp drift car if you like)

Has been prepped ready to race, fuel cell behind drivers seat with cut off tap, battery located in box next to tank with isolator on door pillar. Fully stripped interior with only dashboard and drivers seat.

Rollover Hoop has been welded in above drivers head, doors have been plated shut, all glass removed, front wings trimmed for clearance and number board fitted to roof

Comes with 2x spare sets of wheels are tyres, spare propshaft and spare steering rack

There's probably lots more that I've forgotten but thats the general gist of it,

Apols for the massive photo

I'm open to any and all offers, somewhere around £700 would be nice but its on ebay so feel free to bid if you like

EbayLink might work

Or item number 190290896554
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