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For Sale a set of full adjustable Aragosta Coilovers with pillow ball top mounts.

These are expensive bits of kit do a search on the net, I am sure these new would of retailed over £1000 and a couple years back a tuner told me they are also re-buildable, not sure if this is correct though.

Thought I would give someone a chance on here first before I place on Ebay.

These were in perfect working order when removed, and with a bit of de-greaser they would clean up really well.

No longer needed as I no longer have my 5 and only removed because these would not give me the slammed look I was after, not the best way to have an Evo anyway, so I purchased a set of HSD's these do not even compare!!

There is no rust on the shocks themselves and only a little paint peeling of the springs,the car was only used in dry weather only and the car had only covered around 40.000 miles, this is the car here that Ryan has purchased a little while ago.

They have 15 click adjustments
Front shock bodies measure approx 60mm
Rear Shocks 55mm approx

Softest setting is still quite firm but for track use you can wind them up till they are rock solid!

Because I wound them down as far as I possibly could to the point where the springs were not compact you would have to wind back up a little.

Looking for £500ono plus postage.

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