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Thats the baby! The best looking rally car ever in my opinion ;)
Unfortuantely thats the Japanese Tamiya site and its trying to get the damn kit over here! They are as rare as hens teeth. The last model shop I spoke to who stocked them had sold out and they said it took them 8 months to get that batch in :( They can get them from the continent but for £250 as opposed to £150 normally border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
I'm not really into models that much (but not without trying...ooohh errr!) but I would like to start a small collection of classic rally cars including the Group B beasties. Alpine 110 is another favourite, Fulvia 1600HF and of course the Integrale amongst others.
Thanks for the link :), I had looked on that site before but couldn't find it although I knew it existed.
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