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This is a just a follow up to my previous posts concerning the electrical problems with my RSX. I am sorry to report that the problem is still not fixed (as I type), but Ralliart in Dudley are now working on it.

What I would like to do is heap some praise on Ralliart for the excellent customer service I received last week.

On Wednesday afternoon, the electrical system on my RSX finally gave up the ghost, to the point where the car wouldn't even turn over. To make things worse, when I phoned up for recovery, I was told that my car was not in their database, and therefore they couldn't help me. It appears that Mitsubishi 'lost' my warranty paperwork, and hence the car isn't currently covered for warranty repairs or the recovery service.

At about 1715, I telephoned Simon in the Ralliart service department, and explained the situation. He was most apologetic, and said that Ralliart would try and get their own recovery people to deliver a replacement vehicle, and collect mine. Unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to do this until after lunch on Thursday, and I needed a car to be able to go on holiday on Thursday morning.

Simon then agreed that he and a technician (Andy) would bring the replacement vehicle down to me personally later that evening. At about 2100, Simon and Andy arrived (in Camberley), left me with a Galant V6, and took my car away.

So, a big thank you to Simon, Andy and Ralliart for making what could have been a nightmare experience so painless.

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