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Tried to repair the folding mirror mechanism which seems stuck on my offside mirror.

So I was unable to find a guide with photo's that worked, I will be doing a strip down guide when photobucket is feeling more friendly.

I cleaned all moving parts and checked motor/gears were free and not damaged. Individually they seem fine but it still seems to bind up when the vertical shaft with the 2 gears engages, it seems to jam against the plastic housing as pressure is applied.

I have a suspicion that if I take a bit of a coil off the spring that puts pressure on the joint between the base and the mirror, essentially the part it pivots on, it will move more freely and the gears might not bind up.

I think it may be a relatively cheap fix for something that doesn't seem repairable... my first impression is this spring is putting far too much tension on that joint I can't see why it needs to be so strong.
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As you can see everything was stripped and cleaned, removed all the old crappy grease

View attachment 276381

And rebuilt with some of the white water resistant grease. I noticed the bit that pivots where the spring is was very tight so when you flip it over I used lots of grease and with everything stripped I manually moved it back and forth to work the grease in. once built back up though it was obvious there is an issue with the gears binding.
Hello dear
How much is the volt on the motori have another issue
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