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As you can see everything was stripped and cleaned, removed all the old crappy grease

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And rebuilt with some of the white water resistant grease. I noticed the bit that pivots where the spring is was very tight so when you flip it over I used lots of grease and with everything stripped I manually moved it back and forth to work the grease in. once built back up though it was obvious there is an issue with the gears binding.

Am from india. I got same mirror to be installed in lancer, but i had one problem, the motor was not working. so i removed the casings and made the motor to work freely. and i greased the gears, all good and no wornout. but if i checked in bench. only 30% is working open /close. the motor stops it seems I think the relay in the mirror got weakened? What you say

also, Does this unit run directly without seperate power folding unit? my mirror has the same in picture as you had. please . looking help:wallbang:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts