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The PIAA fog lamps fitted to the Evo 6 are all very nice, but when a stone cracks one of the lenses, try to get a replacement!!

You have to buy the whole bloody upgrade again !! (two lights, bulbs, mounting brackets and the wiring loom. Why not buy an altenator and battery as well! after all the cars only two bloody weeks old and they probably need replacing anyway)

The cost for this fix £300 plus VAT and fitting. - BARGAIN NOT!!

So before you think about adding these. Give Ralliart, Co-ord and PIAA a call to double check and get third part products if you want to avoid this trap.

So much for a superior product with after sales service to match !! I've been given PIAA's number in Japan - I'll let you know how I get on, but don't hold your breath.

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I too want the fogs, but I think £300 odd is very steep. My local autostore sells lights that might fit for £9.99. Hmmm...

Anyone know of a cheap solution that does fit?



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Well, I got a response from PIAA UK Here's the reply
The part you require is sold exclusivly in Japan to Mitsubishi as they paid
for the tooling of the lamps,it is therefore not PIAA,s decision to
sell repacement lenses or not.
I understand your problem,you may consider the upgrade to driveing lamps
which has been desinged for the european market.
This cosists of driveing lamps as aposed to fog lamps and wireing so that
they can be only used with main beam.
This kit will only be availible from Co Ordsport and there will be
replacement parts for these items as Co Ordsport wish to offer a
comprehensive service.
I trust you now understand that it is not any fault of PIAA that you can
not obtain replacement parts.
Julien Gallier
Operations Director PIAA uk Ltd
So there you have it. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ORDERING THE FOG LIGHT UPGRADE. What do you get for a very high cost manufacturer's option? Ripped off !!

I've not given up yet, I'll go back to Mitsubishi and see what they say.......

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Needless to say that Mitsubishi don't want to know either. Here's the message I got...
I note your comments regarding the problems you are encountering regarding
the replacement of the fog light option.

Unfortunately, as The Colt Car Company Ltd does not import, or have any
dealings with, the Lancer Evo 6, I am not able to provide any information
regarding this particular part. You will need to refer the matter to
Ralliart again, as the dealer for these vehicles.

I am sorry I cannot be of further assistance.

So it looks like I'll have to think about the driving lamp kit instead of the fog lights !!

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Success at last !!

If you are looking to replace a single fog lamp for £150 contact Kouloumas Parts at the following URL

....the bad news? They're based in Cyprus so unless you want to take your jollies or hope there's no postal damage......

Now I did say I'd had success and that was via the import agent Sti Imports, who have kindly offered to sort something out . You can contact them at the following URL.

So its a big hooray for Sti Imports and Johnny foreigner and an even bigger thumbs down for PIAA and Ralliart UK !!
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