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I know its probably a long shot, but if anyone knows where I could get some for my E6 I would be very gratefull.

Please don't suggest the obvious, I can't bring myself to pay £350 from you know who !

But I am fed up of looking at the empty holes in the front. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

I believe PIAA sell the lights that fit but anyone know what model No. they are,
and where I could order them from ?
I would need to make the brackets myself

Anyone tried this already ?

Thanks for any replies.


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When I approached PIAA direct they declined to supply me , this they said was due to an exclusive agreement with Ralliart Japan.
With the right contacts it may be possible to obtain them from Japan at a reduced price , I say this because I've heard of them coming into the UK cheaper , I cud never find out where from.
I'm going to replace my fog's with the driving light so I've got the same problem.

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Evoboy, let me know when you're replacing them, we might be able to do a deal

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