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Hi everyone,

I had just the front foglamps installed on my Evo6, and it seems they are a little bit too much in front . I've seen pictures of 6s with fog lamps, and I always thought they were a little bit deeper inside. On my car, and can see the foglamps from the side of the car. Can anyone tell me if this is normal, and what the good position should be?



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The PIAA driving lamps on my VI are recessed about 6-10cm from the front of the housing.

Certainly cannot see them from the side profile. It may be worth checking to see if the lamps are the correct size so that they can sit inside the housing.


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I've personally installed the factory spec PIAA fogs to my VI , that is standard factory brackets and fitting kit and no part of the
unit is visible from a side view. They are
recessed at least 18mm at the outside edge of
the front spoiler. From memory , it may be possible to invert the brackets to the light
units and project them further forward than they should be , however I am not totally sure of that. Whatever , something isn't correct.
Hope this helps.
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