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Does anyone know the weight of the standard evo v flywheel?

Are there any side effects with a too light flywheel?
I can fit the 4.1kg from JUN or the 4.4kg from toda or rigid.

Any suggestion?

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I dunno what weight the standard flywheel is, but can tell you what will happen if you go too light.

Basically the purpose of the flywheel is as a store of rotational momentum to get the engine over its compression stroke before you get any power from the power stroke. It also provides one of the friction surfaces for the clutch (the other being the clutch housing). If you went too light then you would have a very uneven tickover and the engine would run roughly at low RPM. At high RPM there is so much momentum in the flywheel that weight will not be an issue. If you were not worried about having a rough idle and having difficulty pulling away cleanly then you go have a very light flywheel. Given that the Jun flywheel is designed for road use? then the rough idling effect will probably be marginal.

Interestingly if you run very radical cams with alot of overlap (exhaust valve still open as the inlet valve opens with piston at or near TDC at end of exhasut stroke/beginning of induction stroke) less energy is required for the compression stroke and you can run with a lighter flywheel.

For an ultra light flywheel there will mechanically be a limit as to the amount of meat you can remove. Normally to lighten a flywheel you just machine off the unwanted bits but I don't know about the Evo flywheel and some flywheels are tricky to lighten.
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